About Us

In 1997, Mike Webb and Dale Forrest formed United Golf, a golf course construction and renovation company, based in Tulsa, OK. United Golf’s mission is to construct and renovate golf properties with the highest degree of quality, attention to detail and cost effectiveness, providing our client with superior value while maintaining critical schedules and budget constraints. In order to meet these goals we know we must work diligently as a team, openly communicating and creating innovative solutions to the everyday problems encountered. United Golf has been fortunate to assemble a diversified, talented and experienced team from within the golf course industry as well as developing within our ranks. This diversified talent has allowed us to blend the most efficient construction techniques and processes into our standard operating procedures which yields the best results for our clients.

United Golf, LLC is a Certified Builder Member in good standing with the Golf Course Builders Association of America and has several commendations within the golf industry.

United Golf was founded by Mike Webb and Dale Forrest. Additionally, United was fortunate enough to have Mr.Thomas Moderow of Nebraska Sprinkler as a confident and mentor.

Mike began his career in the golf industry straight out of high school in west Texas in 1983. He started out as any young man would at the bottom as a laborer. Mike soon advanced to become a scraper operator until after several years he became a lead shaper, foreman and superintendent. During these years, he supervised and was lead shaper on numerous golf courses throughout the Southwestern United States. A few of these projects include the new nine holes at Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa for Ben Crenshaw; Forest Ridge in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma for Randy Heckencamper and the Universtiy of Oklahoma’s golf course for Bob Cupp. Mike was also privileged enough to work with Tom Kite, Palmer Design Group, Jeffery Brauer, Joe Finger, Tom Clark and Brian Ault and many other notable golf course Architects.

Dale attended Oklahoma State University studying petroleum engineering, business management and marketing. However in the early to mid 80’s in Oklahoma there was what we refer to as the “oil bust”. Jobs were scarce and our region there was thrust into a deep recession. With few job opportunities available, Dale took a job digging ditches for an irrigation contractor in Tulsa for five dollars and hour. Soon thereafter he founded Northeastern Irrigation Landscape, Inc. Northeastern grew into one of the region’s largest landscape and irrigation construction companies with emphasis in large commercial landscape and irrigation projects, including sports complexes, athletic field construction, parks and other large commercial projects.

In 1997, he purchased Nebraska Sprinkler’s golf irrigation division from Thomas Moderow. Nebraska Sprinkler was founded in 1972 and has had a long and successful record of accomplishment in golf industry throughout the U.S.

Mike and Dale became acquainted by Mr. Ray Volentine, owner of Tulsa Grass & Sod. A few years later the opportunity presented itself for them to work together in the Colony Texas on a golf project Mike was involved in with Tripp Davis. Mike was running the project and building the features and Dale was invited to come in and irrigate the course. The project turned out wonderfully and Mike and Dale decided to forge a bond which resulted in United Golf’s founding. Tripp happened to have several more projects coming on line and United was immediately called on by Tripp to construct his next several projects. This was not only a great start for United but for Tripp Davis & Associates too.